Miguel Nussbaum is full professor for Computer Science at the School of Engineering of the Uni- versidad Católica de Chile. He is working since 1995 in how to transform the classroom experien- ce with the support of technology from kindergarten to university students. He started using the Game Boy of Nintendo to introduce 1:1 and games in the classroom. In 2001 he began working with wirelessly interconnected Pocket PCs to perform small group collaborative learning, and in 2007 he in introduced the One Mouse per Child where 50 kids share one screen using an Inter- personal Computer. He has worked with the support of Microsoft, HP, INTEL, Plan Ceibal (Uruguay), Fundacion Bradesco (Brazil), UNESCO, and the Inter American Development Bank, among others, in schools in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala, India, England, USA and Uruguay. In 2011 he won the prize for Innovation in Education in Chile.

Miguel Nussbaum’s Interview – Collaborative Mobile Game Learning and Design-Based Research for Education